A simple yet popular drawing app for Android


  • Color picker
  • Duo pens
  • Flip n Shake
  • Gallary
  • import / export
  • flash
  • Camera draw(while you walk)
  • ABC
  • Color dropper
  • Undo
  • etc...

Tips & Tricks

  • Pens: Draw! has two pens mode.
  • Volume buttons: Use the buttons as a switch pens short-cut
  • Back button: Undo a move. [long press = Save]
  • Background color: change it into any color in Preferences
  • Flip n Shake: clears the screen by flipping and shaking the phone.
  • ABC: for drawing a curved text.
  • Export: export pics to SD.
  • Import: Got a pics you want to draw on?
  • Sets: There are 5 slots in the Gallery. Swipe up and down to switch slots.
  • Flash: show pics in the current set like an animation.

Draw! is available in Google Play